Download Lunascape

The available localized versions of Lunascape are listed below. Find the language of your choice then click download. It’s free.

Fully Localized

Language Version
English English 6.15.0 Download
English (British) English (British) 6.15.0 Download
French Français 6.15.0 Télécharger
German Deutsch 6.15.0 Download
Italian Italiano 6.15.0 Download
Portuguese Português 6.15.0 Descarregar
Russian Русский 6.15.0 Загрузить
Spanish Español 6.15.0 Descargar
Chinese 中文 (简体) 6.15.0 下载
Chinese 正體中文 (繁體) 6.15.0 下載
Korean 한국어 6.15.0 다운로드
Japanese 日本語 6.15.0 ダウンロード

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Newly Added for Europe

Thanks to the contribution from Lunascape users, we are adding more languages. Please note that the following versions are partially translated and the level of completion varies across languages. Untranslated phrases remain in English and may contain translation error. *Attention to the current users of fully localized versions: Please be aware that you will be required to uninstall existing version first in order to be able to install other language versions listed below.

Language Version
Bulgarian Български 6.15.0 Изтегляне
Croatian Hrvatski 6.15.0 Preuzmite
Czech Čeština 6.15.0 Stáhnout
Danish Dansk 6.15.0 Hent
Dutch Nederlands 6.15.0 Downloaden
Estonian Eesti keel 6.15.0 Laadi kohe alla
Finnish Suomi 6.15.0 Lataa
Greek Ελληνικά 6.15.0 Λήψη
Hungarian Magyar 6.15.0 Letöltés
Latvian Latviešu 6.15.0 Lejupielādēt
Lithuanian Lietuvių kalba 6.15.0 Atsisiųsti
Norwegian (Bokmål) Norsk bokmål 6.15.0 Last ned
Polish Polski 6.15.0 Pobierz
Romanian Română 6.15.0 Descărcaţi
Slovak Slovenčina 6.15.0 Prevziať
Slovenia Slovensko 6.15.0 Prenesite
Swedish Svenska 6.15.0 Hämta

We are looking for more localization volunteers!

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System Requirements

OS*: Windows XP SP1 or later/Vista/7/8.1/Server2003/Server2008
Memory: 1GB (recommended: 2GB or more) Internet Explorer 6 or later

*Please note that since v6.2, Windows 2000 is no longer supported for using Gecko or WebKit engines, and Windows XP without service pack is no longer supported for using Gecko engine.

Windows 7